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It's been a while, but we are back with some new soft goods. Our newest Signature raglan crewnecks are available from the 13th July to purchase, limited stock. You can purchase them from our Online Shop, free shipping for all orders over $100 :) Enjoy!

Winter'14 Crewnecks

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Welcome to our new website. It's great to be back after taking a good break over the last 7 months. The break has done us good, refreshing the mind and creating a new path for ourselves for the future. As most of you know we made apparel and did freelance design service on the side for a variety of clients seeking. We came to the conclusion of choosing to run our business as a Graphic Design studio as it was the right choice for us. We offer the service in creating brand identities as well as promotional and editorial design. The love of good unique and independent clothing is still very much in our heart and we will still be making apparel throughout the years to come, just not on a seasonal schedule. So stay tuned and enjoy the journey with us as we start this new chapter of HL. We are looking forward to it! 


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Who are we.

Hungry Lifestyle is an in-house design project, specialising in brand identity & editorial design. We deliver the service of creating identities for upcoming brands as well as reinvigorating brands to a high quality standard. From concept to the final product, we will flourish your brand to life through a range of medias to suit your needs. We also have our own Online Shop, a place for us to showcase our soft goods and lifestyle products, all available to you, and only directly from us.